Monday, May 23, 2011


Friends, I promised myself a new swimsuit when I achieved a certain weight.  Off I went to the sports shop this lunchtime, but picking a new costume wasn't so easy.  I couldn't decide which size I needed.  The costume I optimistically picked turned out to be distinctly too small when I got it home.

So, wasn't it convenient that the leisure centre sells swimsuits?  Cinderella could have a new costume after all.   Hmmm ... which size did I need?  I concluded this was easy - all I needed was one size UP from the skinny-size which I will keep in a drawer until the next weight milestone.  (2011?  2012?  Who knows!)

Although it looked as though there was a great choice of Speedo costumes there, it turned out that the size I wanted was clearly the size most average women chose, because there was actually only one there.

Finally, finally, I got into my new swimsuit and decided that I had now got it right.  It came as a relief not to be fidgeting with the shoulder straps in an effort to remain decent from beginning to end of my swim, as I'd been forced to do with the old one.

Alas, it was now later than I'd intended.  And I tired sooner than I expected.  All this swimming is tending to reduce the incidence of migraines, but I ended up with one all the same this evening.

80 lengths.  Good enough, but not outstanding.  Still, I'm nearly there.  I'll probably do the 100 lengths on or around 6th or 7th June - just in time for the RNID Centenary on 9th June.

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Felicity from Down Under said...

you're truly amazing. Nice that you have a decent swimsuit, but bad luck that stressing out about it brought on a migraine. Sending soothing thoughts your way.