Thursday, June 09, 2011


On Tuesday morning, I rose at 6 am; was in the pool by 7.05 am; and swam until 9 am.  I did my 100 lengths, impeded only by the Grumpy not-very-Old Man who bumped into me twice (or did I bump into him?), while I was doing backstroke.  I didn't look where I was going!!!  (You try looking where you're going, when you're swimming backwards on your back.)  If I did it ONE MORE TIME, he threatened, he would report me and get me ejected from the pool. 

I kept swimming.  Not only do I despise bullies, but I knew that unless he was doing 100 lengths as well, then he would get out of the water before me!  Which he did.

Anyway, that was just a blip.  Having completed the challenge, I leapt out, showered, and headed for home.  Had to forego the bacon butty, as I got caught in the most horrendous traffic jam on the way to the Clyde Tunnel.  Still, I hastily changed, headed for work, and got coffee and a bacon butty at Cowcaddens subway coffee-bar.  Justice had been done!

I arrived at work on an adrenaline high.  Strangely enough, it ebbed away until by noon I was a crumpled, exhausted wreck.  And still I had five more hours to go.  It hadn't occurred to me that normally, I do a day's work, swim at 7 pm, and then go home to subside for the remainder of the evening.  I don't normally swim for two hours, use up my most useful energy, and then attempt to put in a normal day.

Still, I survived through to 5 pm, went home all prepared for a lazy night, and discovered SuperSpouse was too busy to take the boys for their music lessons, so I crawled to Bearsden and back before I could subside into oblivion at home!  That's men for you.  At least (this time), my own old man wasn't grumpy!

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