Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Disorientated and confused - who is she?

Who is Pseudo Supermum?

Well, she has decided she's not any kind of Supermum, for a start.  Not even a Domestic Goddess; for it seems her baking only succeeds on weekends, but not weekdays.  Whoever heard of Melting Moments that literally FLEW off the plate on Sunday, so light and toothsome were they; and yet the double Monday batch was like a pile of hard little rock-cakes.  Unpalateable.  And then the plain, white 2 lb loaf didn't rise as far as usual, either.

While Pseudo Supermum anxiously awaited news of her book manuscript (she has a contract and has just posted the ms to the publisher), she took a day off as reward to herself.  So, is she an author, then?   Watch this space.  Meanwhile, SuperSpouse decided he felt ill, and took to his bed, sleeping a solid twelve hours to restore his equanimity.  Slightly alarmingly, he was caught practising his Effigy Pose.  All he lacked was the small dog at his feet.  We haven't got a dog.

Thankfully, Lazarus arose, unscathed, in time for his supper last night, and was restored to health this morning. 

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