Saturday, May 05, 2012

Further evidence that she's not a Supermum

Today, I've baked and cooked, washed laundry and the car; chauffeured SuperSpouse to Gourock (his car wouldn't start), been to the charity shop, done the ironing, and cleaned the stair-carpet.  

Alas, I commited a major faux-pas:  I cooked an inedible beef casserole.  We all ate it - hope it won't kill us.  But Himself pronounced, 'I CAN'T EAT THAT', when he realised that a hurried casserole isn't a terribly tender one.  (Believe me, dear reader, his wife's feelings were considerably less tender than the carrots!)

Note to self.  Two lessons have been learned:-
  1. Tasty casseroles take longer than 75 minutes, even fan-assisted.
  2. Don't agree to hurry up a casserole just to watch a TV repeat!
Oh, and a third lesson: The  distribution of labour needs redistribution.

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