Saturday, June 09, 2012

Garden Slattern, aka, The Grim Reaper

Superspouse goes out to the garden once or twice a week, to empty the bin or fetch washing.

"Just LOOK AT THIS MOSS!", he pronounced.  It was an offence to his home-owner sensibilities, evidently.   So we got Evergreen Complete 4 in 1, which was supposed to do the trick.  Waited.  And raked.  Well, I did most of the raking, and this morning I spent another couple of hours on it.  (It's actually a very, very tiny lawn.)

The "lawn" is burnt, threadbare and disreputable-looking, which set me pondering, as I raked.

Who said moss was bad?  I used to look out of the window at the "lawn", and it was green.  Did it matter if it was mossy-green as opposed to grassy-green?  To whom did it matter, and why did it matter?  No-one else can see it - it's a walled back garden. No-one else goes in it, apart from Leon - next door's cat.  He never complains about the moss beneath his paws.  Indeed, he prefers our "lawn" to their woodchip.

So we've spent time and money on eliminating something that was doing no harm being there in the first place.  And I suppose I now have to rake it again, mow it, and then sow grass-seed?

Go figure.

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