Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Ho-hum, humdrum

So, what have I done today?  Called the dishwasher maintenance people at 8 am.  Laundry (fourth load in machine just now), ironing (mine), supermarket shopping.  Trips to post office, bank, charity shop, petrol station, and uni library (let's face it, I won't be reading about Iolo Morganwg much in the next few weeks).  Does this sound like a relaxing holiday to you?  Why is it (she asked, shrewishly), that when I'm on holiday, I'm expected to run around doing all the stuff that a Proper Stay At Home Mother would have kept going all along?!  That's why I didn't do everyone else's ironing.  They've got oodles more holiday than me!

Receipt of my latest article submission was acknowledged today; I also got news that my book is in editorial/production.  That's actually quite exciting!  So the inner bluestocking is modestly happy, even though she knows she hasn't DONE anything intellectual all day.

Three of us are heading down south tomorrow to visit my family.  I need to get packed and organise the boys to sort their own stuff out. Surely I'm not procrastinating because I don't want growling and grumbling to begin? Surely that can't be it!

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