Saturday, July 28, 2012

Student's Steamed Sponge Pudding

For kitchen kudos, why not make a pudding?  (If you can't spare 10 minutes, save this to your Diigo favourites and make it another day!)

Health Benefits:  a nice hot, carb-rich pudding makes it almost impossible to feel stressed.  Even if it's only a temporary solution, it might help you face that essay crisis. 

You need: a medium-sized mixing bowl and a medium-sized casserole (without lid). You're not actually going to STEAM anything, but you do need a microwave.

Right, here are the ingredients (serves 4):-

4 oz (100 g) soft margarine or butter
4 oz caster or granulated sugar
4 oz self-raising flour (or 3 + 1 oz cocoa powder, for chocolate pudding)
2 eggs
4 tablespoons milk (serving spoon size)
3 tablespoons jam, lemon curd or golden syrup
(Instant custard goes well with this.  If you go for the 'Basics' range, you'll find it very cheap indeed.)

Mix everything (except the jam) together in the mixing bowl.  If you have no electric mixer or whisk, you might prefer this way:-
  • use a wooden spoon to cream the fat and sugar first,
  • add eggs - stir 
  • fold in flour (as though your hand is drawing a recumbent figure of 8)
  • gradually add milk and stir after each addition.
Use greaseproof paper and minimal margarine/oil, or an empty butter packet, to grease casserole.
Spoon in jam.  Pour in sponge mixture.

Microwave uncovered for 5 mins.

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