Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Thomas the Hardy geranium

Long story, but basically, Mother said I needed geraniums in my front garden border.  I bought geraniums. Mother said, no, they were pelargoniums, and annuals rather than perennials.

The label in B and Q said they were geraniums.

Mother insisted they weren't.  (They died at the end of last summer, so she was right.)

This year I bought more, but from the Boys' Brigade garden plant sale.  Again, the label SAID -- but they weren't.

Taking the air at Grantham
I returned via Cambridge from Norwich yesterday. With a Norfolk geranium from Mother - probably the only geranium ever to spend an afternoon in the University of Cambridge Library.  Recognising its privileged status, I called it Thomas.  (Thomas Hardy ...?)  Thomas the hardy geranium.  Right now he's sitting outside in warm drizzling rain, not yet planted but probably quite contented in himself.

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