Monday, August 06, 2012

Enough, that's enough!

I'm on holiday this week.  And by the end of Monday, I'm socially-media'ed out!  It started off innocently enough - I wanted to share things with my close friends.  And I did.

Then I thought I'd check Twitter and Facebook.  I regard Twitter as a professional, career-based tool most of the time, so really, there wasn't much point in checking it today.  Except that I'd tweeted about Cello-Man's evening of triumph at the Proms last night, and I wanted to see if there were any interesting tweets about that.  So I frittered away some time on Twitter.  

Facebook's different - I limit it to just a few friends and family, so I can't actually spend much time there. Apart, as I mentioned, from wanting to share things with friends.

But of course, I also remembered I needed to update my CPD23 (Continuing Professional Development) blog, Airs and Graces, having neglected it for a few weeks.  Did that too, which entailed finding a few links and details to include in the post.  And then I tweeted the link, because that's what I do.

I am quite sure someone - several someones - must have researched the weird phenomenon  of your concentration span growing ever shorter as you flit from social media site to site.   The only remedy is to turn off the computer.  And do other stuff.

Like this ...

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