Friday, August 10, 2012

How a yogurt makes dessert for 4 students


You need a single-portion pot of any yogurt other than French set style.  A sachet of jelly crystals.  And a 1-pint jug.

The basic principle of jelly crystals is that you dissolve them in as little boiling water as possible.  They must be fully dissolved - 30 seconds in a microwave speeds things along.  (Don't microwave the spoon.). 

Ordinarily, you would then dilute the liquid up to a pint with cold water.  For a yogurt jelly, add some cold water to the jug and stir in, but leave enough room for the tub of yogurt as well.  Tip in the yogurt -top up to a pint with more cold water if necessary.

Use a blender or mixer to combine until smooth.  Put in a bowl or divide between 4 cereal bowls, and refrigerate until set - at least 4 hours.  It may separate into layers - this doesn't matter.

HINT: If you keep your milk in a jug, then you have to cover the jelly with a lid or cling-film, or the milk will acquire a fruity taste!  (If your milk is kept in a bottle, no worries.)


You can do the same thing using a can of fruit and its juice (but don't use pineapple or kiwi - something about the acid prevents the jelly from setting).  Blend or leave fruit whole.

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