Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Swirling, spiralling out of balance ...

I ate.  I swam.*  I came home.  What was on the agenda for tonight?  Well, I thought I'd deal with a couple of bills and see if I could progress a couple of professional/research things by email.  And order new skinny jeans for MiddleSon, who tripped and tore a hole in an existing pair this morning.  And chase SmalleyMcAulay to get homework and practice done.  And get the bread-machine going.

Chaos swirled around me.  I really ought to go and sit in a darkened room for a while, but I'm not the meditating type.

I now have the bread-machine, washing-machine and dishwasher all doing their stuff, and the kitchen restored to some semblance of order.   When rooms are approximately tidy, I feel better.

The boys have both fixed their supper.  All that remains is for us to have ours, because SuperSpouse wants me to take him to the station at 6.10 am tomorrow.

*  Talking of swimming - apparently one should aim for 30 mins of moderate exercise five times a week.

On Monday, I swam 1k.
On Tuesday, I cut two hedges.
Tonight, I swam 1k.

That amounts to more than 2.5 hours, so do you think I can consider myself suitably exercised for the week?   Mmmmm...

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