Sunday, August 05, 2012

When I am old

When I am an old woman, I shall wear purple - you probably know the poem

But over and above that, I shall buy a Volkswagen dormobile.  I'll paint big, hippy-chick flowers all over it, and drive around the British Isles at my leisure.  (We're talking 2028 or thereabouts.  When I've eventually grown tired of being an employee.  Yes, I shall be seventy.  I plan to be self-employed after that.)

I've warned the boys that they'll be phoning each other to give updates on my whereabouts.

"Watch out, she's on her way.  [Pause.]  You realise, she'll be needing a bath?"

I do hope there will be enough room in the dormobile for a small cooker, my laptop and a camera, casual who-cares kind of clothes, and a single respectable outfit for library and archive visits.

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