Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Who coined that phrase?

When someone's "on gardening leave", they've been suspended from work.  However, to be on ANNUAL leave, and spend it gardening, is quite different and much pleasanter.  So why did they have to take a perfectly nice phrase and turn it into a euphemism?  

Anyway, here I am, using up some outstanding annual leave, and in contrast to yesterday - when the heavens opened - today has been glorious. What have I done this sunny Tuesday?  Not a huge amount.  I've taken Cello-Man to town to get his rail-ticket.  Washed, cooked, and gardened.  That's about it, really.  I dead-headed the hanging baskets, weeded two of the three borders, but forgot to plant Mum's geraniums - they're still in pots.  Must remember to do that tomorrow.

While we were out, Viola-Kid, aka Happy Scholar, got his Standard Grade results in the post. He looked, and saw, and pronounced them good.  They were good.  We were all relieved.  He had been admirably phlegmatic about them, and we had been correspondingly fearful that he was just too laid-back.  We were wrong.  Celebrations are in the offing ...!

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