Monday, September 17, 2012

Just discovered recipes for students in the Guardian!

A helpful idea from the Guardian Newspaper. Worth following on Twitter!

Friday, September 14, 2012

Vegetarian pasta: another cheap, healthy meal

Vegetarian pasta

Okay, folks - here's the latest in my series of recipes for starving students.  Quantities are infinitely variable depending how many people you're cooking for.

Pasta - any type, handful per person
Tomatoes - 2, chopped, per person
Lentils, green or red - very small handful per person.  (The red ones go mushier, quicker, or the green ones remain more intact.)  This is your protein, so don't leave it out.
Mushrooms - 4, halved, per person
Courgette, sliced - about a quarter of a large courgette per person.
Dried mixed herbs
Sunflower/olive oil
Salt and pepper

Cook pasta in plenty of boiling, salted water.

Warm oil, fry all vegetables
Add about an inch of boiling water to the pan, season with salt and pepper, and add half teaspoon of mixed herbs. 

When the pasta is done, strain, and stir into the vegetables.  If the lentils don't seem soft enough, simmer the whole lot a bit longer, adding more water as necessary.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Wanton Watty McAulay, piper of Port Glasgow

Yesterday, I happened upon a Scottish ballad dating from 1730 about a Highland piper called Watty McAulay, who died in Port Glasgow.  (That's near Greenock and Gourock along the river Clyde.)  So excited was I, that I even tried to determine if there was a death record for him, or record of his exile to Virginia for refusing to join up with the Redcoats.  (I failed there.)

But that's the trouble with being a bluestocking - I just can't help being curious about things!  Anyway, I blogged about poor old Watty McAulay (probably Walter McAulay, I reckon) - so, here's the link if you're interested!

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Making the most of it / Theodora FitzGibbon

When I was a postgrad in Exeter - that was the PhD I didn't finish, by the way - I bought a bargain cookbook in W H Smiths.  

Making the Most of It, by Theodora McGibbon (1978)*, was a remaindered paperback.  It had been £1.25 new, but was being sold at a reduced price.  What a bargain!  I loved that book.  I tried to eat very economically in Exeter; even when I worked as a graduate library trainee, I was saving to go to library school, so it was crucial to watch the cashflow.

I couldn't believe my luck when I managed to replace it with a hardback copy off eBay a year ago.  I'd imagined it might be useful to Cello-Man, but maybe cookbooks aren't very appealing to the average undergraduate just starting out.

However, I still have the paperback AND the hardback, and I live in hope that one day, one of my sons might just ask, "Mum, you know that cookbook you had - the one about cooking on a budget ...?"

I didn't get that PhD, but I did get the postgraduate librarianship diploma with distinction.  Proof?  I'm the kind of mother who shares ISBNs with complete strangers in the hope that the book will be just what they needed!

*0099204908 (pbk)
*0091326306 (hardback)
On Amazon - virtually being given away!

And I did get a PhD eventually - 27 years later!