Thursday, September 06, 2012

Making the most of it / Theodora FitzGibbon

When I was a postgrad in Exeter - that was the PhD I didn't finish, by the way - I bought a bargain cookbook in W H Smiths.  

Making the Most of It, by Theodora McGibbon (1978)*, was a remaindered paperback.  It had been £1.25 new, but was being sold at a reduced price.  What a bargain!  I loved that book.  I tried to eat very economically in Exeter; even when I worked as a graduate library trainee, I was saving to go to library school, so it was crucial to watch the cashflow.

I couldn't believe my luck when I managed to replace it with a hardback copy off eBay a year ago.  I'd imagined it might be useful to Cello-Man, but maybe cookbooks aren't very appealing to the average undergraduate just starting out.

However, I still have the paperback AND the hardback, and I live in hope that one day, one of my sons might just ask, "Mum, you know that cookbook you had - the one about cooking on a budget ...?"

I didn't get that PhD, but I did get the postgraduate librarianship diploma with distinction.  Proof?  I'm the kind of mother who shares ISBNs with complete strangers in the hope that the book will be just what they needed!

*0099204908 (pbk)
*0091326306 (hardback)
On Amazon - virtually being given away!

And I did get a PhD eventually - 27 years later!

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