Saturday, January 26, 2013

I've broken the cardinal bloggy blogging rule!

Rule no.1:  Post regularly, so there's always something fresh for your readers to discover.
Rule no.2: On no account forget Rule no.1.

... and then various rules about never posting anything incriminating, or so personal that you might later regret it.  No fear of that - I haven't posted at all.  Ooops!

Hey, I've been busy, guys!  In October I assumed my new persona as part-time postdoctoral research assistant on a project jointly run by the Universities of Glasgow and Cambridge.  I continued to be a librarian for the rest of my working week.  

And then there was the church organ-playing, invitations to speak at a couple of research/career development seminars, editing my book (Our Ancient National Airs), and liaising with the editors and my indexer.  And writing a couple of journal articles.

And Christmas.

Suddenly, it was January.  I took a week's holiday once the boys had gone back to school - though I seemed to be busy enough throughout the week without even thinking about work or research projects!   I submitted another journal article, and arranged a whole suite of Alexander Campbell's Scottish melodies for saxophone quartet.

Finally, here we are at the end of the month.  As I write, Cello-Man is trying to get home from Zurich after his university Jailbreak.  (This link works today - I can't promise it'll work next week, though, as it's being updated in real-time.)   I've got my book-launch on the horizon, and I'm still liaising with performers for that.  Viola-Man has prelims for his Highers next week, Sax-Kid has an audition for a youth jazz outfit, and SuperSpouse is happily operating his one-man secretariat for a local transport society.

Pseudo-Supermum has made soup (a common weekend activity), shopped, washed, and attempted to join the Glasgow Club.  If I pay to be in it, I might go and swim or work off some calories more dutifully.  It's worth a try!  Because the word round here is that I'm fat.  If that's what loved ones think, it's a good thing strangers don't usually bother to tell me.

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Felicity from Down Under said...

I'm quite convinced the strangers wouldn't share the opinion of your menfolk, anyway.