Sunday, February 24, 2013

A Pox and a Plague on Tiny-Minded Vandals!

Strangely enough - I've just read last month's blogpost and discovered that I made soup that weekend, too.  Not so surprising. As I said, it's a common weekend activity.  Beef and vegetable broth this time, folks.

Well, what a weekend!  On Friday, I went to Edinburgh to the Scottish Storytelling Centre, to attend the first of two workshops on being an "MC".  (My book-launch is in two months' time.  I have given loads of scholarly papers, but this talk is NOT that kind of talk, so I thought some fresh ideas would be helpful.)  While I was in Edinburgh, I went and loitered outside a financial services office - because that was where Alexander Campbell's Episcopal church used to be, in the early 1800s.  Luckily no-one asked me why I was hanging about outside, with little snowflakes gently drifting down and a biting easterly breeze around my rather exposed knees.

And after the workshop, I had dinner with a friend - an altogether lovely day.  I was knackered when I got home, though it wasn't even late.  And knackered yesterday morning, so I got up later than usual.  Went to the supermarket after lunch, got the car loaded up, and then ...

... hang on, my car didn't have a long scratch down the back passenger door and wing, last time I looked.  How did that happen?  It wasn't done by another car, that much was clear.   

When I got home, I found my neighbours over the road had had THEIR car bonnet scratched, and my neighbours through the wall had had a house window pane smashed.  Someone had a bad night, one presumes.  Damned vandals!  Any right-thinking person can't understand what pleasure these thugs can possibly get out of damaging other folks' property.  I haven't done anything to them. They don't know me.  Therefore, they might resent the fact I live in a house and have a car outside, but that is ALL they know about me.  And damaging two cars and a house-window might have given them a vicious little frisson of malicious satisfaction, but - and I suppose they don't think this way - it didn't make the tiniest iota of difference to their lives.   I can't tell you how annoyed I am.  

This afternoon, I washed and polished the car: T-Cut improved the scratches, but didn't take them away.  I dealt with some more laundry.  Separated two grumpy teens.  Organised a hasty tea, then off we went to a concert.  When we got home, I was astonished to find our sons had NOT killed one another.  Luckily, the house isn't big, but it's big enough for them to avoid one another with a modicum of catreful planning!

Roll on Monday!

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