Sunday, March 31, 2013

Doubly failed PseudoSupermum

Being in possession of all these qualifications does not, apparently, render me capable of getting ink stains out of undergraduate chinos - even with ink stain remover.  Nor can I remove  in-ground Cambridge mud from the seat and ankles of same.  I've scrubbed, scrubbed and scrubbed again.  (Does that make me a little scrubber?  No, don't answer that.)

AND the oven wasn't hot enough to make the beef casserole tender, though it was certainly in long enough.

Washing: 20% success.  That's a fail.
Cooking: 30% success.  Still a fail.
Fox deterrent applied in garden - results pending.
Simnel cake baking - results pending.

Not Really My Day.  Though the congregation sang with gusto and liked my communion music, so that at least scored!

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Felicity from Down Under said...

If Certain People cannot take better care of their clothes, the deserve to wear the consequences. Stains are called stains for a reason. They stain. They are not removable (don't ask me how many times I've had this discussion with my two males!). Ergo, BE MORE CAREFUL.

Home-made cake? I call that a score whether it's the best in the world or not. And ditto the roast beef (it's food; and the actual meat might have been the problem rather than the cooking process, which is something you could not possibly know). Then add in the congregational praise. Very successful indeed, I'd say!