Sunday, May 05, 2013

The Good Mother Teaches Social Conventions

Does any mother not beat herself up for not being good enough?

This afternoon, I'll yet again sit back and watch to see if my offspring have learned any of the lessons I've taught them about social niceties.  Like Sheldon Cooper's mum, I've tried to explain some of the "social conventions" around entertaining guests.
  • Don't embarrass your guest
  • Don't embarrass the hostess
  • Therefore ...
  • Don't bicker; and
  • Don't think of humiliating "funny anecdotes" to make both guest and hostess squirm.
I suppose you could sum it up with plain, "Be Nice".  A fellow librarian suggests that what I need is Miss Manners at my side.  She might be appalled, though.

Check back later to see if I had a pleasant afternoon or am anticipating a migraine-clouded evening ...

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