Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Creativity Rules OK

I Can Still Sew!

Well, I made a dress and two jackets during this holiday.  Here's the ensemble I've literally just finished.  I must confess to being quite pleased with myself.  I haven't done anything but repairs for about 13 years - when I memorably made two sets of short summer pyjamas for my eldest and middle sons.  My colleagues fell about laughing and said that everyone else put their kids in pants and tee-shirts: why couldn't I do the same?

At this, I decided there was plainly no point in making clothes for the boys - George at Asda became my chosen source, and the sewing machine took a long rest, apart from when things needed mending.

However, it appears I haven't lost the knack, and making things for myself at least means they get seen, as opposed to tucked up neatly out of sight under a duvet.


My mother was a needleteacher.  Old needlework teachers never die, they remain as sharp as needles!

'The sleeves are too long', said she.  I've shortened them.

I decided all by myself that the dress was too long - shortened that, too.  

But Mother also  didn't like the border at the bottom or the red and black at the top.  It ALL came from the one fabric - black and cream leafy border down one side, and red and black stripes down the other.  All I had to do was lay out and cut the pattern pieces so the colours fell where I wanted them.  And I'm afraid I'm unrepentant about that - I happen to like it!  We sometimes have spookily similar tastes, but not always! 

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