Monday, July 29, 2013

Let Them Eat Bread!

Countdown to the end of my annual leave, so I'm eagerly cramming things into my day.

  • Today, I've been tweeting fast and furiously for Voices for the Library.  Here's my self-introduction blogpost on their website.  You can follow my tweets @VoicesLibrary.
  • Sorted out Smalley McAulay's work placement to my - and his - total, jubilant satisfaction.  At a university games software development department!
  • Had the engineer in to fix our washing machine.
  • About to set bread-machine going, and then I'll get back to dressmaking.  (Made the dress, now I'm onto the jacket.)
So --- in a few hours time --- let them eat bread.  Nothing nicer than home-made bread, even if I cheated a little!

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