Sunday, July 28, 2013

Living off Beans

Tuna and Kidney Bean Salad - cheap and tasty!

I promised another thrifty recipe for starving students and non-students alike.  Suddenly, this idea popped into my mind.  I can't remember where the recipe originated.  It will serve four, with enough salad, or if you have any over, keep it covered in the fridge for tomorrow.  Healthy (beans + fish + salad), tasty, and quick.  Perfect student food.

Ingredients: tina of kidney beans, tin of tuna in brine, bottle of French dressing (or make your own with equal proportions of vinegar or lemon juice and vegetable oil), cucumber and tomatoes, any other salad you have handy.  Optionally, a pinch of Colman's mustard and a crushed garlic clove.

  1. Open tuna tin, drain, flake the tuna in a salad bowl/casserole using a fork.
  2. Open beans, drain, rinse, add to tuna.
  3. Add other salad stuff.  If you have lettuce and want to dress up your meal a bit, leave it out of the mixture and arrange round the edge of the bowl - or on individual plates.
  4. Add a couple of tablespoons of dressing (bought or made), and the optional mustard powder and garlic.
If you liked that, you'll like this:  Rose Elliot's book, Bean Feast, is full of easy vegetarian recipes.  It includes some using kidney beans - I shared them here a while ago.

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