Sunday, July 28, 2013

Recipes more successful than Rants

Quick-Setting Jelly Desserts

It appears, looking at my blog stats, that I get more traffic to the site when I post food ideas, than when I rant.  Today, therefore, I must come up with some foodie inspiration for students and impecunious cooks everywhere.  You'll have to give me a chance to think up something, but I'll be right back ... honest!

Meanwhile, you might like my quick-setting jelly dessert suggestions.  The jelly will set much quicker if you do it this way:-

  1. Buy jelly sachets (optional - yoghourt or a can of fruit.  NOT canned pineapple or kiwi-fruit)
  2. Dissolve jelly crystals in microwavable jug in MINIMUM boiling water (I microwave the boiling solution for half a minute to hurry it up). 
  3. Now add icecubes, stirring as you go to help dissolve. 
  4. After 6 icecubes, it begins to set, and dissolution slows down. At that point, make up to a pint with cold water or yogurt - you'll need to whisk it in - or canned fruit. (Hint, don't go on adding icecubes when they struggle to dissolve.  And remember - a pint is the upper limit, including the melted icecubes!) 
  5. Refrigerate.

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Pseudo Super mum said...

Latest attempt - blackcurrant jelly made up with two coconut yoghourts. Sure smells good - just waiting to eat it!