Sunday, October 13, 2013

My Family Is Too Clean

Too many long showers are causing mould spots to form on my bathroom ceiling. And the blind, and at the top of the walls.  Dettol mould-remover is excellent stuff.

But hang on a minute - I'm the shortest in the house, by quite a few inches.  So what part of my anatomy makes me the most suitable candidate for Mould Removing Duty?  It's not even as though I have the long showers - mine are models of brevity, because I'm always in a hurry.  (That's because I'm out of the house the most hours in the week, too.)

I'm also the natural candidate to do ALL LAUNDRY, it appears.  And all tidying up.  And shopping.  For God's sake, why?!

The worm has turned.  When the ironing basket is overflowing, I just stop washing.  Watch this space.

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