Sunday, November 17, 2013

Washing Machine Upgrade Required

© Alstonefield Local History Society
Staffordshire Past Tracks
We've been here before. SuperSpouse insists women no longer do the laundry - their washing machines do it all for them.

 Now, I agree I can go away and leave my laundry in a nice tidy washing machine, indoors, and do something else of my choosing.  What I take issue with is the suggestion that women no longer have any part in the proceedings.

My washing machine does not gather, sort, load/unload, hang up, take down, fold, iron or put away the laundry.  If there is a machine that does all that, then it's time I had an upgrade.

Image from The Potteries website. 

Friday, November 08, 2013

Whose Sore Throat Was It, Anyway?

Viola-Kid has had two sore throats in a month.  Hardly surprising that I've now got the lurgy, is it?!  But at choir-practice last night, one of my sopranos was quite concerned in case she'd given me hers.  I think she was comforted to hear that there were sore throats closer to my home than hers!

I've slept most of the day, in between sipping Lemsip, reading Ann Widdecombe's autobiography, and crocheting edging round the blanket it has taken over a decade to complete for Viola-Kid.  (God help me if Cello-Man or Sax-Kid declare that they want one too!  That would make Sax-Kid about 35 before his is finished...)